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Designing Inclusive Service-Learning Programs

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

I designed the Knights in Shining Armor program at Global UCF, which consists of specialized events for our international students involved in the Career Accelerator Program who have exemplified extraordinary achievement within their academic program. This is an exclusive opportunity for our top performing students to receive dedicated recognition and partake in complimentary professional development services at Global UCF, including personalized mentorship, service-learning projects, and a business etiquette dinner. We have selected 47 students for our Spring 2020 KSA cohort and we couldn’t be more proud of their academic achievements.

The Knights in Shining Armor cohort participated in specialized programming and professional development training at Global UCF, such as: One-on-One Mentoring Program, Business Etiquette Dinner, and a Service-Learning Project. These tailored events were completed concurrent with the student’s respective undergraduate degree program. Throughout the series, students participated in, and completed, a variety of experiential learning activities. Upon completion, students received a certificate distinction at the Global UCF Progression ceremony demonstrating their professional development competencies and the completion of each KSA event. As each student progressed through the Knights in Shining Armor program, they identified factors to increase their professional development, build meaningful relationships with industry mentors, learn etiquette techniques utilized in interviews and professional networking events, and gained pertinent skills for the workplace via experiential and volunteer activities.

I designed the curriculum, events, and campus programming for the Global UCF Knights in Shining Armor program with a multiculturally-sensitive framework, ensuring that the KSA specialized programming offers a learning environment that is inclusive, welcoming, and supportive to all cultural identities and perspectives. Within my curriculum, I created learning outcomes tailored to culturally and linguistically diverse student populations. I am so proud of the KSA program and believe that intentional practice of supporting students of all abilities, genders, races, and cultural identities in integral to the success of inclusive student programming.

" I am glad to share my new certificate accomplishment as a graduate of the Global UCF Career Accelerator Program. This program has helped me a lot to build strong pillars in leadership by enhancing my skills in communication and collaboration with different groups of people. It better prepared me to have success in the global workforce by developing in my critical thinking, professionalism, and intercultural fluency through the activities, and the workshops that we had with the global students, and the Career Acceleration Program Manager."
~ Florian Alushi, Global UCF student

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