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Teaching Effectiveness

Below you will find my:

  • Summarized student evaluations of teaching

  • Comments from a peer professor teaching the same college course

  • Statements from university colleagues regarding my students' preparation for advanced work

  • Statements from students and alumni

  • Letters from department chairs and division managers 

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College Students

Student Evaluations

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Statements From Students & Alumni

College Campus


LDR 3950 Leadership Capstone

I hope you had a great summer break! I just wanted to say I am very grateful I was able to have you as my Capstone Professor, I learned so much and the class helped me grow and set me up for success in nursing school and life after college.


I hope you have a wonderful year, your students are lucky to have you as their professor! Please let me know if you ever need anything, I would love to help out in any way. Thanks again for everything!

~ Shelly


SLS 1501 Global UCF Career Accelerator Graduate

I'm so excited!! It was an honor to receive a professional certification from Chrissy Cruz M.Ed., Ed.S. for my consistent participation in the Global Career Accelerator workshops. I highly recommend the program for anyone looking to advance their professional skills.


I am definitely looking forward to being an integral part of an organization in the future where I can apply my acquired skills.



SLS 1501 & Global UCF Career Accelerator Graduate

I am glad to share my new certificate accomplishment as a graduate of the Knights in Shining Armor cohort within the Global UCF Career Accelerator Program. This program has helped me a lot to build strong pillars in leadership by enhancing my skills in communication and collaboration with different groups of people. It better prepared me to have success in the global workforce by developing in my critical thinking, professionalism, and intercultural fluency through the activities, and the workshops that we had with the global students, and the Career Acceleration Program Manager. Thank you very much, Mrs. Chrissy Cruz M.Ed., Ed.S.!

~ Florian

Peer Professor Evaluations

Statements from peer professors at the University of Central Florida regarding collaborative career development and faculty development projects.


Dr. Christopher Leo
Associate Professor
College of Business Administration
University of Central Florida

My name is Dr. Christopher Leo and I currently serve in UCF's College of Business as an Associate Lecturer. Chrissy Cruz came on board about two years ago and is our program's designated Career Coach; and let me just say how incredibly thankful I am to have her on the team! Her levels of engagement with our students, both in and out of the office, have been off the charts! She attends our registered student organization's meetings regularly, participates in our faculty meetings and meets with our students to discuss everything from professional advice and academic guidance to helping them polish their resumes! Her dedication to our department and her personal standards of excellence are true testaments of her unwavering commitment to the education process. She has high levels of emotional intelligence, strong communication skills and the ability to motivate and inspire those around her. Chrissy is such a joy to be around and will continue to excel in her professional endeavors.


Dr. Christine Hanlon
Senior Lecturer
Nicholson School of Communication and Media
University of Central Florida

Chrissy's enthusiasm is stellar! She creates faculty development workshops that are based on creative technologies (like Adobe Creative Cloud) and is willing to work individually with faculty to help them to improve the quality of their teaching and course design. As an Instructional Specialist at the UCF Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning,


Chrissy developed "Teaching and Learning Days," and led "Technology Tuesday" sessions that introduced new technologies to faculty members. These were fantastic opportunities for faculty to begin integrating new technologies in their courses.


Mr. Matthew Dombrowski
Associate Professor
Emerging Media 
University of Central Florida

I have had the distinct pleasure to work with Chrissy at the University of Central Florida on a variety of pedagogical projects involving creativity and visual storytelling. Chrissy fuses strong creativity and design skill using Adobe tools in the classroom to amplify creative outcomes.

Chrissy brings excitement, passion, and unmatched positive energy to all the projects she touches. We are really fortunate to have her at UCF at this time. I look forward to collaborating with her for many more years to come!

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