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Designing Your Path to Success in the Global Workforce

As the global workforce changes amid COVID-19, employees across the world are faced with opportunities and challenges for career exploration and advancement. While the employment outlook and industry trends are less desirable in some sectors, an exponential trajectory is occurring in others. Remote work has revealed the possibility for talent relocation to not only different cities and states, but even countries once never considered. Other factors are gaining traction in the career decision-making process such as work-life balance, company culture, career progression, alignment to values and identity, personal fulfillment, and earning prospects.

As someone who has worked in the career development field for about a decade, this worldwide economic shift is monumental in relation to informing my practice and methods. The growth trajectory of interconnectedness of employees across a large cultural landscape affects job search considerations and processes. So, the pivotal questions are as follows: How do you ensure you have the intercultural skills to successfully interview and work collaboratively in a cross-cultural team if you plan to relocate? What does the virtual world open up for potential candidates? If you do plan to relocate or work virtually, how can you learn more about industry and employment trends, financial considerations, culturally-sensitive resume guidelines, or interview expectations in relation to your new desired destination? One resource I have used for years with my students and clients alike, is GoinGlobal. This is an amazing resource for exploring employment trends and career opportunities across the globe, among others.

I would also encourage those who are currently looking for work abroad to think outside the box; a career pivot, remote opportunities, gaining micro-credentials, joining professional associations, networking, and most importantly, realizing that a career is not just a job. It is your life’s work.

On a deeper level, I would urge those engaged in the search process to align your identity, passion and talents to a career choice. In my work with hundreds of different individuals from over 65 countries, I always ask: What do you lose track of time doing? What do you think about all day in your spare time? Deep down inside, what are you passionate about? What cause in the world do you support? What are your natural talents, and have you honored them enough to spend time developing them? What makes you come alive in your work? What makes you unique?

Identity-formation and dedicated time for introspection about career decisions is vital in the process of establishing your professional aspirations. It is a mixture of self-honesty, earnest reflection, becoming your own personal advocate, not being afraid to take up space, shedding the negativity in your life, and challenging yourself to become the best version of yourself. Once you find your inner passion, you will discover a fulfilling path. I challenge those currently searching to not view this as just a “job-search,” it is an honest exploration of yourself, an opportunity to design a path aligned to your true potential and talents, a chance to contribute to society in a way only you can, and a journey to find genuine fulfillment within your professional identity.

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